My-estub Employees Portal FAQ’s

My-estub Employees Portal was created for the employees of the company to help them locate changes in their employment and also get details regarding their payrolls and other information that would be helpful for them. The employees can access the official platform created by the organisation by entering their username and password on the login page. If you want to access the employee portal then you will have to go to the platform and click on the Employee Portal button present at the top left corner of the homepage. As soon as you click on the button, a new page will be displayed on your screen. On the new webpage, you will have to enter your username and password and successfully login by clicking on the Sign In button.

My-estub Employees Portal FAQ’s

Once you have signed in using the credentials you will have to keep your username and password really safe and secure in order to secure your confidential information which is available at the My-estub Employees Portal. You can also reset your password by clicking on the reset password button available at the dropdown menu of the homepage of the platform. The employees have different types of features available at the platform which helps them to take care of all of the details related to their employment without being present anywhere inside the office in person. Pay Stubs information is also available at the official platform for all of the employees. You can also check your monthly payment options and you will be able to get payment directly into your bank account by using the paperless pay option available at the platform.My-estub Employees Portal FAQ's

My-Estub Employees Portal Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can people have access to information related to my payroll even if they do not have my employee ID? 

Nobody can access information regarding your employment without having your employee ID. If you want to get information regarding your employment then you will have to login using your employee ID and the password that you have secured. The last four digits of your Social Security Number are also required in order to log in into the platform to exchange information regarding your employment and the information regarding your pay stubs.

  • I do not have an active email account, am I eligible to access Paperless Paystubs information from the My-Estub Employees Portal? 

It is important for the employees to have an email account in order to access information regarding the paperless pay stubs from the official employees portal. There are however other ways through which you can get information regarding your payrolls apart from the email. You can get information by enabling the push notifications through your SMS. You can also check information regarding your payroll using the platform. You can also print or save the document on your computer or electronic device.

  • How can I securely access the Paperless Paystubs information from the My-Estub Employees Portal using my Computer?

You can access the platform safely and securely by using your personal computer and it is proved by the annual certification program called SAS70, which is conducted by The Paperless Pay Corporation. However, you have to make sure that your information which is available in your personal computer is safe and secure. Each and every employee will be responsible for safeguarding his or her information. 

  • Why is My Pay Stub not available on Internet Explorer 9?

If you want to access the employment information using the official platform of My-Estub Employees Portal then you will have to make sure that you are using a compatible browser rather than using any outdated browser available at your computer. You can also change your compatibility viewing settings by going to the official settings page of your web browser. You can add this website manually to your settings in order to view this with full potential.

  • I was not able to remember my password and I have outdid the five login attempts, now my account is locked. How do I unlock my account? 

We request each and every employee to not try to login if they are not able to remember their login credentials. However, if you have reached the limit of your login attempts then you need to call the customer service representatives of the My-Estub Employees Portal. You can contact the customer service representatives on the following number-  1-800-489-1711 OR 910-615-4182

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