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HCA Estub: The employees of HCA Healthcare can use the official HCA employees links to access HCA payroll, Facility scheduler, Health stream, rewards, etc. 

Parallon HCA ESTUB is the portal that is used by HCA Healthcare employees to check their wage statements online. The portal makes it so easy for the employees to check their pay stubs that all they need is to log in to the portal and get everything under one web portal.

Employees use websites like My Estub which are similar to HCA employee login and need employee login credentials to authenticate. We have provided the employee website portal links here.

HCA Healthcare has created a dedicated portal for their employees to manage facility scheduler, HCA rewards, online wage statements, and heath stream.  

The work environment at HCA Healthcare is great with medical and employee benefits provided to motivate and boost the work productivity. You can check my-estub com login portal link here if your company is using the portal to access paycheck details.

HCA Estub

The HCA Healthcare is using the Parallon portal to manage its employee payroll information. Using this portal gives access to wage statements, work schedules, company updates, and much more to the employees. Earlier, My Estub from Paperless Pay Corporation was used to manage and create pay stubs for employees. The official payroll website of my estub is www.my-estub.com.
Employees can just log in to the HCA Estub portal to access wage statements, estub life point HCA payroll, facility scheduler, employee portals for rewards, HCA Health stream, and ESTUB.
Employees can log in using their employee ID and password that they set during the initial setup process. Payroll-related data is available at the click of a fingertip on the HCA Parallon portal. Some employees are complaining that their my estub account is locked, please read our complete guide on the unlocking process of your account.
It has never been so easy and simple to access online wage statements ever. The E-stub application has given a chance to a lot of companies to manage their payroll data without any hassles.  There are multiple portals that HCA Healthcare is operating out of which the most commonly used is HCAEstub which employees use to check their pay stubs.

HCA Employee Links

We have listed all the links to the most important HCA Healthcare tools which employees need in their day to day work life.

Health Stream http://www.healthstream.com/hlc/hca
HCARewards http://www.hcarewards.com/
E-Stub https://www.onlinewagestatements.com/parallon
Facility Scheduler https://facilityscheduler.app.medcity.net/facilityscheduler/tristar

Important Note: Employees need to use the latest updated internet explorer version 6 or later to access the facility scheduler. Only Internet Explorer is the allowed browser for accessing the Facility Scheduler.

HCA Employee Login Portal

Employees can access any of the above-mentioned HCA employee portals just by using their username/user id, password, and domain.

  • HCA health stream can be accessed by going to the official website of HCA and clicking on the health stream option from the list displayed. A new page will open up wherein the employee needs to enter his/her user id and password to login.
  • A new security change is made which has made it mandatory for all the current HCA affiliated associates to change their password at HCAhrAnswers.com.
  • Employees can login to the E-stub site on www.onlinewagestatements.com/parallon and check their payrolls quickly.
  • Facility scheduler is a crucial part of HCA employees link and is a workforce solution. It is used to check upcoming week work schedules by authenticating using username, password, and domain.

Some employees might be facing issues with passwords, try resetting the password using the recover password option. You may also face issues with the website, the only solution to which is waiting patiently till the support team resolves it.

How to Login to Paystub Parallon Login – ESTUB HCA Portal

The HCA Healthcare employees have to go the official HCA Estub portal to view their pay stubs, get updates from parallon portal, enable HCA payroll notification, and also process tax filling with W2 forms. Downloading and printing the W2 form is very easy on the HCA Estub portal.

Employees can access my-Estub view from anywhere and at anytime they need which implies it isn’t necessary to be at the workplace to access it.

The HCA employees need to use their User ID and password to check their pay stubs online on the Parallon Identity Federation portal. hca-estub-768x432

Parallon HCA ESTUB – Instructions to check Payroll

HCA & Parallon software partnership has proved to be very beneficial for the employees and the Human Resource department. There are so many tools that makes the work of the employees easier. This makes their work life more productive so that can focus on more important things than contacting HR manager for payroll data.

Follow the steps explained below to check pay stubs on the HCA Estub portal.

  1. Go to the official website of the HCA employee payroll at https://careers.hcahealthcare.com/pages/tristar-greenview-employee-links
  2. Click on the “Estub” link on the login screen to proceed.
  3. The application system will redirect automatically to Parallon Identity Federation Portal.
  4. The Lifepoint employees can use their userID which is 3-4 digit and a network password to access pay stubs.
  5. Once your entered information is validated, a security token will be generated to save the login process.
  6. Note that this token will be valid for a limited time to make sure your account is safe.
  7. Employees can check HCA estubs from the menu once they are logged into their account dashboard.

Recommended Browser: You have to use Internet Explorer version 6 and later to use the portal. No other browser other than Internet Explorer is allowed. 

Important Note: Employees who don’t know their lifepoint user id and password, need to contact the support team for it. The current employees can use their HCA employee login credentials to check pay stubs on the Parallon web portal.

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