My-estub – Knowing About My estub Paperless Pay

My estub Paperless Pay can be used by the employees of the company if they want to have access to PTO balances, payroll deductions, wages, TAX before deductions, coupons (from pharmacy, cafeteria and gift shop), and many more. Each and every employee can access the information by going to the official website and clicking on their prescribed feature. The employees can access different types of information from the online website. Each and every feature can be used by the employees by going to the official platform. The employees can also access the information by enabling the push notifications through SMS or emails. The employees are able to check the pay stubs of last month or even last year. The paperless pay option can be taken into consideration by the employees.

My estub Paperless Pay

All and every function which is available at the platform can be undertaken by using the online method and the employees will not have to go anywhere in person to get their stuff done when they are registered at this platform available by their organisations. If you want to check your pay stub then you will have to visit the official platform of My estub Employee Portal. The option of checking your pay stub will be displayed at the bottom of the homepage of the platform and you can also directly go to the official website to check the step by step procedure through which you will be able to check your details regarding your payroll. Each and every information regarding the features which are available at the platform is available at the guide which is present at the homepage of the platform.My-Estub-Login

If you want to check the different features which are available for the employees of the organisation then you will have to go to the employees portal option present at the homepage of the organisation. The employees portal option is present at the top left corner of the homepage of the platform. In order to register yourself at the portal you will have to enter basic details regarding yourself and you will have to login using your username and using your password. make sure that all of the details that you have mentioned in the space provided are only in uppercase. However, the platform has a wide variety of advantages and also disadvantages in some cases. Let us look at both of the aspects of the platform in order to understand it more!

What Are The My-estub Paperless Pay Advantages?

  1. The records which are available at the My-estub Paperless Pay platform are really safe and secure.
  2. The candidates only need their username and a password in order to login into the My-estub Paperless Pay platform.
  3. The records of the employees will be stored electronically.
  4. The records are kept confidential.
  5. One can also limit their number of storage into one. 
  6. Accountants are not needed when the employees are using this payroll software specially designed to systematically manage the pay system.
  7. The calculations related to the payment of the employees are done in real time.
  8. There is no risk of miscalculation.
  9. Online banking transactions can be done.
  10. The employees will be able to get their salary online.
  11. The employees don’t have to travel or leave necessary activities just to visit a bank and cash or deposit checks.

What Are The My-estub Paperless Pay Disadvantages?

  1. The software needs timely updation.
  2. If the software is not cloud based then it is necessary to update it when newer payroll laws or Tax rates are imposed. 
  3. It is important to keep your software confidential.
  4. If you are installing the software in your computer then you should keep your information safe and secure on your own terms.
  5. The employees need to have a bank account in order to use this software.
  6. Most especially those who permit multiple forms of payments aside from direct deposits must have a valid bank account in order to use this software.
  7. In case you don’t have a bank account, paying an employee with a Pay Card may not be a definite alternative because it is also restricted by the laws of some states.
  8. The employees can have a tough time opening a bank account in their respective state and that can be a big disadvantage to have If you are using this platform.

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