What is a Paystub 

A pay stub is a record of payments and pay slips of a certain employee for a fixed period of time. Simply speaking it’s the details of what you as an employee have earned in your service to your company. The online Paystub System allows you to check, view save and manage all your pay related details. Handling pay related details and finances are always a headache, but not anymore. The online pay stub system allows you to not worry about handling the details as your paystub account will keep your details and will make them available to you whenever you want it.

The My Estub portal is a platform which enables businesses and organizations to pay their employees using checks and by direct deposits and also it maintains the employees’ payment account for future use by the organization or the employee. The official website is www.my-estub.com

What is Pay Stub

A pay stub is a document that helps to identify you as an employee of a certain company and records the pay you draw from that company. These pay-related details are necessary and come in handy when you apply for a loan as it proves that you are employed and your monthly earning can afford to repay the loan.

The online payrolls record the regular hours and the overtime done by you and related pays. If you do not receive your overtime pay, then records from your online paystub account will help you to claim the same from your respective HR department. My Estub offers you the convenience to view and save all your pay slips and you can print them whenever you want.

Your paystubs record all the deductions and taxes paid by you regularly. It can help you to ensure that you are not underpaying or overpaying the taxes as it will make you to face problems at the end of the financial year.

So in the conclusion we can say that keeping your paperless pay stubs available all the time is necessary for everybody as it is not only the main proof of employment but also it is required for all kind of major financial decision making for an individual.

Online Pay stub at My Estub Overview

Official Name of the Portal My Estub
Country United States
Services Provided Finance and management
Application of the Portal Payroll management
User Employees and Businesses

Making the 1099 Pay Stub Document

The 1099 form is technically a regular pay stub, which is most commonly used to show the amount you have paid to a contract or for hired worker at the end of the financial year.

The 1099 is like any other type of pay stub, a 1099 form generally has specific information on it and it can be used to help file taxes for each financial year. With the correct details about any individual’s pay stub and 1099, they can know how much the person have earned in the concerned pay period and what the employee’s annual earnings and taxes are.

An employer needs to record employee’s name, employee’s address, social security number, and employee identification number if the employer uses them. This valuable information is required to provide the necessary positive identification of the employee payroll and for tax purposes.

This information is the only way to verify that if the money is being paid to the correct person and that all required taxes are being collected properly and are being paid to the proper accounts.

An online payroll stub template must have a section where an employer can list every employee’s pre-tax deductions such as medical insurance or 401K retirement deductions.  Another section for any miscellaneous post-tax deductions such as the union dues or the regular deduction due to repayment of a company loan should also be there in the pay stub.

About Pay stubs

Online pay stubs are essential in today’s world for both the employer and their staffs. It increases the efficiency of the payment system and results in cost reduction making it the only way forward for handling employee finances. As major companies and business farms are using this form of payment the employees too have to be aware in order to cope up with the changing system.

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